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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the foundation of our practice. Good dental health begins with preventing decay and infection, and prevention begins with oral hygiene. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that you should have your teeth cleaned by a hygienist every six months to prevent cavities and gum disease. Preventative dentistry goes beyond cleanings as well - our hygienists also provide advice and support to help you develop good dental health habits.

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Oral Hygiene

A professional cleaning is the only way to remove tartar and hardened plaque from your teeth, especially above the gum line. Your hygienist is trained to use special tools to remove this buildup and keep your teeth free from decay. Your hygiene appointment may also include a fluoride treatment to help strengthen your enamel, and an oral cancer screening to detect early signs of this potentially dangerous disease.

Dental Exam

Your preventative dentistry appointment may include a comprehensive dental examination. During the exam, your dentist will check your mouth closely for signs of cavities, disease, and injury. We may also take x-rays as part of the examination. Regular dental exams are important because it allows your dentist to detect and treat conditions before they have the time to get worse.

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