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TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment

TMJ disorder, or just TMJ, is the name for a group of conditions that can affect the joints of your jaw. TMJ symptoms such as chronic headaches and jaw pain result when the joints are placed under stress. It can be caused by a variety of factors including eating habits, stress, arthritis, and misaligned teeth or bite issues.

Skeleton Jaw


TMJ diagnosis is focused on discovering the cause of the stress on the joints. We usually look at factors such as your overall health and stress levels, the alignment of your teeth, eating habits, whether you clench your teeth, or the presence of conditions such as arthritis.


Treatment depends on the cause of the TMJ symptoms. It can include orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth, changes to your lifestyle, stress reduction treatment, or orthopaedic appliances to prevent clenching or grinding.

If you’re suffering from symptoms such as chronic facial pain and headaches, call our office to book a dental examination.